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"learn the latest information of yinbang"

"learn the latest information of yinbang"

cao qi of yinbang was awarded the 7th tang xiangqian outstanding

news | 2019/5/22

 wuxi tang xiangqian outstanding engineer award and wuxi tang heqian outstanding youth cultural creative talent award were established in 2013 by mr. tang xiangqian, a famous hong kong industrialist and a descendant of tang family, a pioneer of chinese national industry in wuxi, and his cousin mr. tang heqian, a patriotic overseas chinese. it aims to commend and reward front-line production engineers and young talents with outstanding performance in the field of cultural and creative works who have made outstanding contributions to technological innovation.

  yinbang clad material co.,ltd. process manager cao qi won the "7th tang xiangqian outstanding engineer award" for his outstanding contribution in process development and optimization and improvement.

qi cao joined yinbang clad material co.,ltd. in 2015 as the process manager, responsible for the company's production process, new product process research and development design, product continuous improvement and other work. during the hard work, conscientious, through process optimization, and new process development, in product quality improvement, improve yield, energy saving authors, new product development and so on have made a great breakthrough, made great contributions to improve benefits for the company, at the same time its own technical ability and management ability has been further improved. during this period, i was awarded the title of "outstanding communist party member" of the company. i led the team of the process department and was awarded the titles of "team with the most growth potential" and "excellent team". in 2018, he was awarded the "senior engineer" certificate issued by jiangsu department of human resources and social security. in may 2019, won the first "hongshan most beautiful young craftsman" award.

 cao qi passes his hard work and pay, obtained the honor that deserves to be awarded. this award has the special value of leading and inspiring a new generation of engineers to demonstrate their superb skills and advanced creativity. we hope that more young talents will forge ahead and innovate in their respective positions in the future, pass on the spirit of the award and publicize it well, and make contributions to the construction of "strong, rich, beautiful and high" new wuxi!