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"learn the latest information of yinbang"

"learn the latest information of yinbang"

"scholarly culture" into yinbang

news | 2019/12/4

 taste the fragrance of books, feel the culture, "fragrance of books" to promote the era of reading, love of reading has increasingly become a social fashion in wuxi.

 on december 3rd, 2019 "scholarly culture" was organized by wuxi market supervision administration bureau, wuxi private self-employed economy association, wuxi xinwu district private self-employed economy association and wuxi private enterprise trade union federation in yinbang party building activity room.

  zhao chen, zhou jun, secretary general of wuxi private individual economy association, wang chairman of yinbang metal union, secretary of party branch gu, and representatives of enterprise workers and party members attended this activity.

  yinbang enterprise culture exhibition hall visit
  the city association visited the private enterprises in advance, to understand the operating conditions of enterprises, cultural construction and the cultural needs of enterprise workers, according to the survey and visit the situation targeted for enterprise workers to choose practical, targeted classic good books, send books to the door.

  the books are rich in contents, including enterprise management, history, literature, philosophy, psychology and other categories of classics, which can provide abundant spiritual food for most employees, enrich the spare time life of enterprise employees, and help improve the quality of life and personal accomplishment of enterprise employees to create good conditions.

  communication meeting

  yinbang enterprise will take this activity as an opportunity to actively attach importance to the construction of corporate culture, guide employees to improve their cultural literacy, advocate a good atmosphere of "reading well, loving reading, reading good books", so that the majority of employees feel the pleasure of reading, improve their self-cultivation in reading.